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Founded in 1996 in Gebze, the heart of the Turkish Industry,
our company serves the iron, steel and automotive
industry within its 5.000 m² closed facility.



Founded in 1996 in Gebze, the heart of the Turkish Industry, our company serves the iron, steel and automotive industry within its 5.000 m² closed facility. Our main activities are: machinery manufacturing, machining, engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, on-site assembly of mechanical equipment and trading of machining machines.

We have aimed to be a customer-oriented company since the first day we have been established with our wide machine parc and qualified personnel and we have proven ourselves in this regard.

We are proud to have also achieved our success in the design of machinery as we have in manufacturing in the domestic and international markets under the umbrella of Özel Makina on the way we set out to contribute to the national economy.

Ozel Makina’s main targets: To be a well-known and right alternative in the engineering, manufacturing, assembly and service processes of mechanical systems and conveyor systems in every relevant sector, especially in the automotive industry. - To make and produce projects based on welding construction, machining and mechanical assembly for other sectors. - To be among the most preferred in terms of professionalism, international experience and quality.

Our mission

Our important values

To be a preferred company with its trained expert workforce, serious business approach and long years of experience.

To leave a positive legacy to the future, delivering at the committed time, providing reliable services to its customers with a stable price policy, and knowing the value of natural resources and using them efficiently. We are committed to adding value to our country by fulfilling our social responsibilities.


Our vision

Our important values

To be a leader in our industry, by enriching our first place with our contributions to business life through the quality of our business, our stable price policy and by by respecting the schedule commitments.

To be the preferred company by proving our reliability with the people and organizations we work with

It will be our greatest vision in the future, as it is today, by developing our values ​​that enable us to be a company that everyone approves of its quality and steady rise.

Our Policies Main points

  • To fully identify and meet the demands of our customers and employees.
  • To catch technological innovations by applying the latest and most reliable methods in production and service.
  • To fulfill the requirements of the reference standard ISO-9002 that will ensure quality and to ensure the continuity of the system
  • To ensure that our policies and goals are fully understood and followed by our employees.
  • To follow the developments of our vendors / manufacturers in order to achieve common goals.
  • To continuously improve our quality system and ensure participation through audits and trainings.
  • To use various statistical techniques in order to make error-free production, avoid waste, reduce costs and analyze the results statistically.
  • To be in constant development by encouraging effective communication, participatory behavior and teamwork in our relations.
  • To protect the environment and human health by use of adequate materials / technology
  • To ensure the continuity of training in order to have a continuous learning organization.
  • Investing in working conditions.

Our Certificates

Trademark registration certificate

ISO 9001

Work permission

SolidWorks License

Our quality approach

In Thought, Management, System and Production,
We have adopted as a management policy to ensure full customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, to be among the reliable companies in the domestic and foreign markets, and to increase the market and competitiveness.