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Founded in 1996 in Gebze, the heart of the Turkish Industry,
our company serves the iron, steel and automotive
industry within its 5.000 m² closed facility.


Our machining capacity is serving to the machinery and energy sectors with modern and contemporary machines with our close understanding of technology.

In our sector, production and machining that meet the customer quality expectations at the desired time stands out as our most prominent feature.

We continue our investments with our 25 years of experience with our qualified personnel, modern machinery, strong financial structure in our 6000m2 facility located in the Gebze Güzeller Organized industrial zone.


Industrial Machines and equipment design and fabrication

In our company, established in 1996, we provide industrial investment materials design, manufacturing and automation services, primarily for the automotive sector.

With our trained, experienced engineers and technicians and our CAD / CAM programs, we make a difference in the sector by keeping customer expectations at the highest level of satisfaction.

We continue our contributions to the country's economy with our large and featured machinery park, 25 years of experience and our 6000m2 factory located in the Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone

We perform our engineering and design services quickly and reliably with our CAD / CAM / CAE program Solidworks and Autocad programs, which are widely used in the industry


New and used machinery trade

Ozel Makina, which has been trading and producing machinery for more than 20 years, has an international experience in this field.

Whether it is singular or complete factory purchases, Özel Makina is a recognized name that has numerous experiences all around the world.

Trade of machinery requires a strong financial structure as well as high experience; As Özel Makina, we offer the most accurate amount to the facilities that will disposed of their machines, regardless of the amount and pay in committed time.

Another important factor for people or institutions who want to sell machines is the rapid evacuation of these machines from the specified area. Our company easily overcomes big works with the advantage of storage areas of up to 50,000 m2 and its staff with global experience in machine dismantling.